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Overview of events related to Arabic typography and visual culture

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  • event: Marrakech, Fondation Dar Bellarj

    Nomadic Traces // Tracés Nomades

    Typographic Journeys // Voyages à travers les écritures

    16 Dec 2016
    16 Sep 2017

    An exhibition by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, Khatt Foundation, Amsterdam. Opening/vernissage: 16 Decembre starting at 18.00 hr…

  • 12 Apr 2017
    12 Oct 2017

    The first exhibition to be curated exclusively from the El-Nimer Collection. Opening: 12 April 2017, 7pm

  • event: Beirut, Sursock Museum

    Arab Design Pioneers and the Propagation of a Modern Visual Culture

    The Arabic Design Library series of concise design monographs (1960s—1980s)

    10 Aug 2017


    Presentations, Panel Discussion, and Book launches of two new titles for the Arabic Design Library. Auditorium, Level -2 |…

  • event: Marrakech, Fondation Dar Bellarj

    Nomadic Traces // Tracés Nomades

    Events Program // Programmation d'événements

    16 Dec 2016
    16 Sep 2017

    The Khatt Foundation and Dar Bellarj propose performances, concerts, debates, meetings for young and old, novices or initiates,…

  • event: London, The British Library: Treasures Gallery

    Comics & Cartoon Art From the Arab World

    Exhibition: Subbak Festival at the British Library

    13 Jun 2017
    29 Oct 2017

    Exhibition on the significance of Arab comics, cartoons, caricatures and graphic novels through original examples taken from the…

  • event: Amman, Jordan

    Design Moves Life Moves Design

    Amman Design Week 2017

    6 Oct 2017
    14 Oct 2017

    Amman Design Week 2017 celebrates the creative power that is generated when people mobilize, collaborate, communicate, and exchange…

  • event: The World

    The Mashrebiya Font Competition

    Call For Submission: Fonts for modern architectural screens.

    2 Apr 2017
    31 Dec 2017

    DEADLINE for Submission of Phase I: 30 JUNE 2017 The Khatt Foundation is launching a novel type design competition that aims to…

  • event: Amsterdam, Bijzondere Collecties, UvA

    Modernism: in print

    First retrospective exhibition of modernism in Dutch graphic design

    16 Jun 2017
    1 Oct 2017

    the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam will be showing the exhibition Modernism: in print. One hundred years after…

  • event: Faro, Teatro Lethes

    8th Typography Meeting: Multicultural

    A Khatt Foundation presentation, film screening and book launch

    3 Nov 2017
    4 Nov 2017

    Apply with a paper before the deadline of 31 July 2017 For official information on the application please visit the website by…