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Overview of events related to Arabic typography and visual culture

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  • event: SOTA- 2 reactions

    ProtoType Competition

    Promoting Speculative Typeface Design

    6 Jun 2016
    28 Aug 2016

    The deadline for submissions is July 3rd, 2016. Show us your most experimental and innovative type designs — be they finished,…

  • event: Seattle, WA, USA

    Typographic Conections to Square Kufic

    Arabic Type Presentation at TypeCon2016: Resound

    26 Aug 2016


    4:10 pm – 4:50 pm Square Kufic calligraphy is one of the simplest styles of Arabic calligraphy. Developed in the 12th century…

  • event: Dubai, Tashkeel

    Khatt Foundation Experimental Arabic Type Design Workshop

    An intensive type workshop, Dubai 2016

    25 Oct 2016
    28 Oct 2016

    The Khatt Foundation Experimental Arabic Type Design Workshop will consist of an intensive 4-day workshop that focuses on the…

  • event: İstanbul, Pera Museum
    8 Jun 2016
    14 Aug 2016

    Jameel Prize 4 exhibition in Istanbul organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in partnership with Art Jameel, and in…

  • event: Seattle, WA, USA

    Resident Alien Type

    Persian Type Presentation at TypeCon2016: Resound

    27 Aug 2016


    Can a typeface represent a persona in a context of narrative structure? How can a typeface visualize activist concepts? These are…

  • event: Seattle, WA, USA

    TypeCon2016: Resound

    Typography Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA

    24 Aug 2016
    28 Aug 2016

    A few weeks from now, TypeCon2016 will be in full swing. And while there’s always a few tweaks before things officially kick off,…

  • event: Warsaw, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw ASP

    A Typographic Maghribi Trialogue

    Presentation of the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib

    15 Sep 2016


    The team of Laura Meseguer, Kristyan Sarkis and Juan Luis Blanco will be presenting the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib…