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I'm designing work for a dancefestival wth arabic dancegroups. There will be dutch and arabic text on every item. But my computer doesn't read the arabic well.
I'm working on a Apple Intel G4. Do you know what to do?
Please tell me!

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A Way Around That...

Tirza, hello!

One way around this if you have no arabic installed on your Apple is a long way but it gets the job done; The amount of text has to be somewhat limited, or your patience unlimited ;)

Your Arabic copy has to be TYPED, and cannot be imported in such a case as yours.

Install the font file of your choice into the font folder/font manager etc (like a .ttf, .otf etc)

Supposedly you are using the International/European versions of Adobe Illustrator or Pagemaker or Indesign. (Special ME versions of this software is available and can save you valuable time through normal text import) - however - you can set the arabic type by opening a standard text box, choosing your arabic font, OPEN the "glyphs" panel (this strips the font file main character and glyph set where u can click to type) under type in the main menu, and work your way backwards (Arabic goes from from left to right as you might have noticed) - then you can apply your text attributes, kerning, etc - and convert to paths/curves if you like.

I know this is one hell of a long way, but this works great if, like you said, you have no Arabic installed on your OS, no software that deals with Arabic font file curves etc.

I use this method on PC's without the "ME" Version installed at the studio, provided it's a poster or a project with a small amount of body.

U can use other software too, corel namely, or Freehand - but i have no idea how you can get around them :)

Hope this works for you,
Best of Luck...

Walid Hassan
7 Dec 2007, 23:39

you need...

the Adobe ME suite. I recommend buying it from Aramedia.

If you need a designer to work with Arabic, let me know. I have all the Adobe apps in ME format.


Paul Reid
24 Sep 2008, 2:33

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