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Arabic Typography as Social Campaign

Khede Kasra Campaign by the Hariri Foundation

if you can view the video here, please visit it at the link below:

Words can be lethal, but can also be used as a tool to stimulate major social change. A recent advertising campaign in Lebanon to encourage greater gender equality was quite successful and has won many awards. What was the central theme of the campaign ? The typographic positioning of the accent (vocalisation mark) in a word !

This interesting social advertising campaign that played with vernacular language and social stereotypes used a simple typographic small gesture: the Kasra small vocalization mark to communicate a rather strong and potent message. The campaign was widely spread all over the mass media, and it's simple gesture was definitely memorable.

This goes to prove the power of the Arabic script and typography in moving people (to action).

Please take a look at the other relevant video posts on u-tube and send us your opinions and remarks.
Campaign design: LeoBurnett, Beirut

Comments (3)


I think it's simply brilliant in terms of subverting the language into a tool to empower women, with a simple gesture and double entendre. It's layered, rich, and effective. Yet so simple. Love the stickers.

25 Apr 2009, 10:53


attempting to describe this campaign in words is robbing it from its essence. It's simply magnificent!

27 Apr 2009, 8:17

Design is also about discourse...

Building on Huda’s words, I see the significance of this campaign in the critical reproduction of language of an alternative discourse. The patronizing, patriarchal production of “Khede Kasra,” as “it’s ok to step beyond your limits,” is reproduced into a feminist discourse, as “claim your rights beyond anyone’s limits.”

The language is used as a cultural system and not only a tool, and criticism is the intellectual tool of the desig (political and graphic) to contest social structures of gendering.

12 Apr 2010, 9:11

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