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Nuqat Ala Al Huroof

The FIRST Annual Creative Consortium In Kuwait

Dear All,

It is my pleasure to announce the FIRST Annual Creative Consortium in Kuwait titled “Nuqat ‘Ala Al Huroof” . The objective of this consortium is to improve Arab creativity and create a full awareness and understanding of the Arabic type and the Arabic word. Hopefully, every year we’ll have a different content tackling a different angle of the same.

For this year, we have our guest speaker and lecturer Mr. Tarek Atrissi, whose work has crossed boundaries and created breakthroughs in Arabic branding and typography that is now being taught in different universities. In addition to that, we shall be having seminars and workshops on Creative Arabic Copywriting for non-copywriters and an introduction to the world of long copywriting such as annual reports, web copy, brochures…

In this consortium, we made sure that everyone in the field has something to attend, from account handlers and creatives to corporate marketers, advertising executives and PR executives.

Finally, the success and continuity of this consortium depends a lot on your support and attendance, that is why we made sure that the participation rates are affordable to everyone thanks to our generous sponsors, to whom, on behalf of Nuqat ‘Ala Al Huroof Team, would like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude for embracing such a cultivating event.

Sincerely yours,
Wakim Zeidan
Chief Creative Consultant
Wakpot Creative Consultants

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hi there, could you please inform me the day in which tarik atrissi only will be speaking and what time. also, where can i purchase tickets for this event?

3 May 2009, 7:37

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