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Lady Bush in Arabia

a new cancer awareness in the region

Taken from the New York Times website.

First lady Laura Bush, on a tour of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Jordan, sat with a breast cancer survivor, Nabweia Hussein al-Zaabi, during a conversation with survivors at the 'Pink Majlis' of the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. During her travels Mrs. Bush will visit several cancer treatment centers to help begin a new cancer awareness in the region.

Comments (1)

not real?

i'm quite finding a hard time believing this woman was originally wrapped up like this. The way the area around her face is pitch-black is worrying me - I mean, compared to the bits of fabric effect from the rest of her attire. Just looks like a really bad retouch/manipulation/coverup on photoshop.

That's my opinion, I don't know about you...

Omar Al-Zo'bi
23 Oct 2007, 18:36

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