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  • Active in America and Belgium. Interested in vernacular arts, fashion, economics and the revitalisation of urban communities.

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    Jean el Azar

    Arabic type artist

    Graduate from the American University of Beirut. Lebanese type crafter, sleep walker and a social therapist.

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    Dan Howitt

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    Design, where you least expect it. Relation between visuals and their environment.

  • Here we go again... It's all about the realisation of ideas. Make it happen. Just joined Ogilvy & Mather in Bahrain as a…

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  • AUS Multimedia Graduate.. Currently working as project coordinator for شواطئ in Abu Dhabi.. interested in visual diaries that…

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    Dolly Vu


    -------------------------------------------------- model > copy > simulacra : I'm a student/designer completing my last…

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    Hamsa badrddine chalak

    under Graduation Artist ...

    Hello my friends..I'm preparing to my Graduation this year...from Damascus Fine Arts college ..

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    Celia Jaber

    Graphic Design and Brand Strategies

    Born in the US. Educated and raised in Lebanon. Worked in Dubai. Masters in Milan. Passionate about everything Design. Creative.…

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    A graphic design student in minneapolis, minnesota. Soon to be graduating from minneapolis college of art and design. Also visit…

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    Nadine Touma

    Artist, writer, and filmmaker who lives and works in Beirut

    She has created numerous installations, literary works, and artworks addressing issues that range from human rights to hymenoplasty.…

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    Creative Director Im a Scottish Creative Director, based the last six years in the Middle East. Throughout this time I have…

  • my name is Amin Montazeri.born is 1978 education is computer engineer.i am cartoonist,animator &graphic designer...

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    I studied for a bachelor arts degree in graphic design as well as fine arts. This educational ‘training’ has always pushed me to…

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    Zeina Maasri

    Designer and professor of graphic design

    Zeina Maasri is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut and a practicing graphic designer. She…

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    Nada Debs

    Furniture and Design

    Lebanese by birth, raised in Japan, educated in the United States, and worked in the United Kingdom - Nada Debs' creations are…