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    Elisabeth Kvernen

    print, web and video designer and student of Arabic calligraphy and typography

    Hi! My name is Elisabeth Kvernen, and I am a graphic designer based in Washington, DC. I founded Silk Road Studio (a small design…

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    Muhammad ElMahdy / Qāf Studio

    Calligrapher / Founder Of Qāf Studio Foundation

    Muhammad ElMahdy, AKA (Mahdy), Calligrapher and Typography Designer, founder of Qāf Studio Foundation (Arab Arts Center) based on…

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    Lebanese Designer!

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    khawar bilal

    Calligrapher & Graphic Designer

    I’m a graphic designer and calligrapher with an expertise in Brand identity while having my hands engaged in Bilingual (Arabic and…

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    Adel Ibrahim

    Calligrapher-Webdesigner- Graphic designer

    I am an Iraqi designer and calligraph I was born in Baghdad in 1968. I moved to Germany in 1997. I live and work in Mainz and has…

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    Jassim Mohammad Mi’raj Date of Birth 20/8/1982 -B.A in chemical engineering from Kuwait University. -Started his study of…

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    Eduard Dimasov

    Young calligrapher from cold Russia.

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  • Owner of Inspiral Design, a highly creative graphic and web design company currently based in London, UK. Established in April 2000,…

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    Korosh Ghazimorad

    Calligrapher & Painter

    Academic Qualifications Graduated top of his class at Iranian Society of Calligraphy, Tehran University - 1991 Graduated from…

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    Hamid Iqbal

    Art for Allah,This article was published in daily "The Nations" a brief intruduction about me and my work,Please see full at

    AL-ASMA-UL-HUSNA (THE BEAUTIFUL NAMES OF ALLAH) The most beautiful names belong to Allah, so call on Him thereby. (7:180) Those…

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    mahdi naghavi

    Iranian Graphic Designer / calligrapher

    I’m an iranian graphic designer and calligrapher.I was born on 1980. Currently I live & work in Istanbul. I felt in love with…

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    My name is Ahmed Galal. I am a 23 year old business school graduate who although not having had any official graphics training,…

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    kakayi kakayi

    Sample of my calligraphy works -نماذج من اعمالی الخطیه - خوشنوسی کاکه یی -

    The artist Kakayi from Iraqi Kurdistan lives since 1988 in Belgium. He is not only master calligrapher, but also a passionate and…

  • I studied Graphic Design in Tehran Fine Arts School and Textile Design in Tehran Art University. As I was teenager, I really…

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    Lina Toukan

    Founder/Director of Lines Contemporary Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan

    Hi! I am a fan of the book "Typographic Matchmaking" and the proud owner of some of the fonts produced by this brilliant…

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    Qassim Haider

    A bahraini designer, typographer and web developer. His portfolio extends to fields as diverse as Islamic art, typography & web programming.

    Qassim Haider was raised in a creative environment from an early age. He was attracted to diverse disciplines of art and developed…

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    Mohammad Ardalani

    محمد اردلانی /Iranian Art Director, Graphic Designer, Typhographer

    Mohammad Ardalani I started working as a art manager and designer, multi-media and web) in 1999, and worked with companies such…

  • Person

    Muiz is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer whose work incorporates various technical media and aesthetics; typography,…

  • I am a writer and artist from Turkey. Although I live far away from there now, culture of Turkey, and Middle East in general,…

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    I'm Tamer Azab, A self driven 21 year old designer, self tought typography based on design sense and layouting and visual bank that…

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    I'm calligrapher from Malaysia. You can see more about me and my work @ this blog:

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    Huda Totonji is an established Arab American female artist. She obtained her BA in Studio Art and MFA in Art and Visual Technology…