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    Founder and President of The Design Critic Studio -

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    Rania Baltagi

    Creative designer | Art Director

    After working in advertising and web design, I finally found a home in broadcast and digital media. I'm part of the creative team…

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    Joumana Seikaly

    actively bored yet curious

    finally free of advertising now delving into media love words, meanings and shapes enjoying New York, but still overpowered by…

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    Raymond Prucher

    not hys elf

    artist illustrator designer writer educator in other words desillustwrartucator

  • Person

    My name is Marwa Hashim, I graduated from the American University In Dubai in 2006. I studied Graphic Design and illustration and I…

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    MarieJoe Raidy

    Quality Printing for Effective Communication

    Print Creative Director & Strategic Print Consultant | Lecturer

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    After a lifetime of doodling, cutting-and-pasting and trying endlessly to create order, Faten Mahmood realized she could continue to…

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    Jean François Porchez

    Type designer, France

  • Samar has worked as a visual communication specialist for the past 14 years in the Middle East and the UK. Throughout her career she…

  • Owner and lead factorisor at 'factors' We design and build unique user experiences by engaging all factors of human life by…

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    Lara Balaa

    Graphic Designer @ Maajoun — ideas, type & design

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    Hazem Aljesr

    Graphic Designer, Photographer, Art Director

    A Saudi national, Hazem was born in Las Palmas, Spain. He was raised in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and was educated in the U.S.A. and…

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    ola zeineddine

    Graphic designer ::: Art Director

  • Person

    Bahia Shehab

    Artist, designer and art historian.

    Artist+Creative Director+Islamic Art Historian

  • Person

    Hatem El Imam studied Graphic Design in the American University of Beirut, and graduated with a BA in summer 2000. After working as…

  • Person
  • Manolis Is a Dubai based Creative Art Director He is of Armenian descent born in Athens Greece 1985,raised in Syria, and worked…

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    Nadine Chahine

    Arabic type designer

    Branding Manager and Arabic Specialist at Linotype GmbH

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    Hani Alireza

    Hani Alireza, Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics Director.