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  • Editor and Art Director of Baseline Magazine, Member of AGI, Honorary degree UCCA, Honorary member of Brno Biennale of Graphic…

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    Rebel Souly

    hi everybody

    nubian guy from egypt wanna join this community :)

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    a motion/graphic designer

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    Rania Baltagi

    Creative designer | Art Director

    After working in advertising and web design, I finally found a home in broadcast and digital media. I'm part of the creative team…

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  • A supposed graphic designer - big fan of all that is vintage and kitsch. I Love fizzy water and watermelon flavored bubble gum.

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    Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares

    Founding and Creative Director of the Khatt Foundation

    Member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale)

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    Carlos DeMiguel

    Graphic design can change the world

    Spanish Graphic Designer interest in global cultures around the world

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    lejla niksic

    ability to objectively self-criticize keeps me pulsating

    §§§ Living in an unfamiliar society has helped me to better understand how other people perceive the world. By perceiving, we are…

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    amirali Ghasemi

    Designer/Media Artist/Curator >>> check my website for more info

  • I have been born and raised in an artistic family. I tend to forget myself in nature, colors, forms, words, letters... I find an…