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    Willem Velthoven

    In de hemel is geen informatie

    Ik ben een van de oprichters van Mediamatic (in 1983). Op dit moment ben ik voorzitter van het bestuur van de stichting en een van…

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    Mahmoud NAJJAR


  • Person

    I’m a young german graphic & type designer, currently residing in Amman, Jordan, for my university degree: An exclusive…

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    Professional London based calligrapher

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  • Born in 1987 - Mashhad Student Graphic discontinuous string of Islamic Azad University Kerman Branch Multimedia Art Director…

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    Artur Schmal


    Artur Schmal (b. Netherlands, 1976; graduated in 2003 with a master’s degree in design from the Type and…

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    Raymond Prucher

    not hys elf

    artist illustrator designer writer educator in other words desillustwrartucator

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    Gunnar Vilhjalmsson

    Type & graphic designer, researcher. Interested in multi-script typography and type design, mainly Arabic and Indic scripts. Current research revolves around the Ruq'ah (Ruqaa, Rik'a) style.

    Freelance researcher, type & graphic designer. MA Typeface Design from the University of Reading. Board member at ATypI, has…

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    saman khezr

    سامان خضر

  • Person

    Amir Andalibi

    Graphic Designer, Art Director

    Born in 1984, Tehran MA, Graphic Design, Soore University of Tehran, 2008

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    Habib Rezaie was born in a village beside Zohreh River in the south part of IRAN (Khuzestan) in 1978 and grew up in a highly…

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    nedim kufi

    Nedim KUFI Between Amsterdam & Dubai Visual Artsit