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Book: Bahia Shehab

A Thousand Times No

A Visual History of the Lam-Alif

“This book is dedicated to the lost Lam-Alifs that were buried in the sand, blown by the careless wind, drowned in rivers and seas, and burnt by ruthless fires.… You are all greatly missed.”

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Author: Bahia Shehab
Languages: English and Arabic
Edition: Limited Edition, Hardcover, 1016 pages black and white, 14 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978 94 90939 03 8
Publisher: Khatt Books, Amsterdam
Price: €60,00

The author has attempted to illustrate the journey of a single letter in time, space and across diverse cultures, in the hope of inspiring young designers and readers, and encouraging in them a sense of inventive playfulness and freedom in creation.

Bahia Shehab wants you to receive this book as ammunition for refusal in the face of all powers that try to impose on you that which you cannot accept.


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