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Tarikh-fann-al-tiba`a fi al-mashreq

History of the art of printing in the Arab east

لويس شيخو. تاريخ فن الطباعة في المشرق. طبعة ثانية، بيروت: دار المشرق، ١٩٩٥
[Luwis Shaykhu (Louis Cheikho). History of the art of printing in the Arab east. 2nd ed. Beirut: Dar al-Mashriq, 1995. ] 282 pp.

This was originally a series of articles published in the periodical Al-Mashriq over 100 years ago (1900-02). The author, a well-known Jesuit scholar, surveys the history and output of all the presses in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq, known to him up to that time. There are a few notable omissions, e.g. those of Hijaz and Yemen, and also some regrettable errors, but it is in general a remarkably comprehensive account, including summary information about many lesser known presses which cannot easily be found elsewhere. His first-hand account of the Jesuit Press in 19th-century Beirut is particularly valuable.


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