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    Malu Halasa is an editor and journalist covering the culture and politics of the Middle East. She has co-edited Creating Spaces of…

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    Meera Huraiz

    Visual Artist

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    Hy I am a grafic designer and lecturer at the German University in Cairo and I want contacts with international designers who want…

  • Having graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor in Graphic Design, I returned to the UAE and worked at…

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    Hiba Jaroudi

    Hiba Jaroudi, design artist who has been practising creativity for thirteen years. She is a Graphic Designer, Marketing communication expert and Digital Artist. She hold BA Degree in Graphic Design

    Hiba Jaroudi is an expert creative designer with International experience; living and working in Arab World and in the United States

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    Brody Neuenschwander

    Calligrapher and visual artist

    Brody Neuenschwander is a calligrapher and text artist working in a variety of media. He has studied Arabic and Japanese calligraphy…

  • AUS Multimedia Graduate.. Currently working as project coordinator for شواطئ in Abu Dhabi.. interested in visual diaries that…

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    Nadine Touma

    Artist, writer, and filmmaker who lives and works in Beirut

    She has created numerous installations, literary works, and artworks addressing issues that range from human rights to hymenoplasty.…

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    lulu chammaa

    Keep it simple.

    From having experimented with art projects at a very young age with the influence of her Hungarian-artist grandmother to practicing…

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    KhaJag Apelian

    An Armenian born in UAE, with a Lebanese nationality, living in Beirut

    An Armenian, born in UAE, with a Lebanese nationality, living in the Netherlands.

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    Jacques Koeweiden

    Creative Director of Koeweiden Postma

    Jacques Koeweiden Creative Director of the design studio, Koeweiden Postma, which he originally founded with Paul Postma in 1987.

  • >Graphic Designer/Art Director. >MFA in Design from CCA (California College of the arts) Based in San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Researcher, curator and writer living between Berlin and (untill 2011) Damascus. Currently, I hold a doctoral position at the…

  • Person a heads up to artistic practices in the Middle East and Beyond

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    Amar Behbehani

    Design is One

    MFA in Graphic Design Specialized in: Identity Design Typographic Design Cross-cultural Attributions to Design Design for…

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    Anna Christina

    romantic anarchy

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    passive designer ('passive' bcoz im a chronic rip van winkle) with strong love for poetry, meaningful movies, books (from asterix…

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    Lena is an illustrator and an animator. She has freelanced in various fields, doing independent short films, comic strips and…

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    Dolly Vu


    -------------------------------------------------- model > copy > simulacra : I'm a student/designer completing my last…