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  • event: Munich, Haus der Kunst- 7 reactions

    "A Thousand Times NO"

    Letters Off the Page @ Future of Tradition – Tradition of Future exhibition

    17 Sep 2010
    9 Jan 2011

    " When you want to deny all of the stereotypes that are imposed on you and that try to define your role in the world.When you want…

  • event: Arsenal, Institut für Film und Videokunst, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
    8 Oct 2009
    14 Oct 2009

    A week-long program of Syrian films, featuring works by renowned film makers such as Hala Alabdallah, Omar Amiralay, Mohammad Malas…

  • AUS Multimedia Graduate.. Currently working as project coordinator for شواطئ in Abu Dhabi.. interested in visual diaries that…

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  • Person

    Adrian Voight

    curator of immateriality

    curator, journalist, arts promoter. specialized in new media art and online arts practices. currently based in Dubai.

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    Ahmad Konash

    a designer from arabia..

    well.. i'm an art director in an advertising agency.. for almost 3 years now.. im kinda starting to "dis-like"…

  • Edo Smitshuijzen

    A Real Typographic Spring

    Launching the Multiple Baselines interview series

    Multiple Baselines : a series of interviews with people who play a role in the development of technology and design for the Arabic script.

  • Winsoft is a French company that produces all the specific Arabic ME (Middle East) versions of the Adobe software collection. For…

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    Abdellatif R. Abdeljawad

    Graphic designer studying and living in Portugal.

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  • Person

    Achraf abd elazim


    I'm working on the introduction of the art of the graphic novels set of Arabic literature ... I am comics artist and illustrator…

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    Adel Ibrahim

    Calligrapher-Webdesigner- Graphic designer

    I am an Iraqi designer and calligraph I was born in Baghdad in 1968. I moved to Germany in 1997. I live and work in Mainz and has…

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    ahmad bedair

    i am a Mac

    Ahmed Bedair born in Cairo, Egypt in 1982, He received a bachelor degree of Fine Art in field of Graphic printmaking Design from…

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