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Mahrousa is a design referencing cargo trucks in the Middle East that are usually painted with Arabic calligraphy using vernacular Arabic words. In Lebanon, one can often read mahrousa (may it be protected) painted on the back of trucks alongside an image of an eye or a real hanging baby shoe. This is meant to bring good luck, and protect from the 'evil eye'. The words mahrousa ya ‘arousa uses the font “Alef Caps” with its Arabesque star-shaped pixel pattern, emphasizing the Middle Eatsern flavor of the design.

Colors: Dove Grey and Orange. Size: 150 x 100 cm

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Why is your entry the only one I can't see?
I wanna seee!

Nisreen Sarkis
30 Sep 2008, 13:10

previous pic error

hello Nisreen
yes indeed, the image was displaying as black, there was an error in the pic.
it is fixed now.
i will add a post on my blog for additional info about the design.
i will also show more close-up images of the design for the details to show.

Pascal Zoghbi
3 Oct 2008, 11:38

More About Ma7rousa ya 3arousa

Pascal Zoghbi
3 Oct 2008, 11:47

More About Ma7rousa ya 3arousa

Pascal Zoghbi
3 Oct 2008, 11:54

More About Ma7rousa ya 3arousa

i have added additional sample images of the vinyl design is use in a living room and a bed room in the web-link above to my blog. the first link is not correct, the second is.

Pascal Zoghbi
3 Oct 2008, 12:21


Samah El Hakim
6 Oct 2008, 13:49


I like the idea

24 Mar 2009, 15:45

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