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  • conference program

    Khatt Kufi Kaffiya, the printable symposium program

    Lectures are described in detail with timings and links to the speakers' biographies.

    The symposium program has been evolving and includes topics of every aspect of contemporary Arabic visual culture and identity,…

  • Symposium Program

    Khatt Kufi Kaffiya | Symposium on Arabic Visual Culture

    We'll have the whole day to ourselves in the theatre of the brand new public library of Amsterdam (OBA) Admission and…

  • Bilal Zaiter

    موسيقيون سوريون على الفيس بوك

    Syrian Musicians Go online - "If interested in reading this article in english, kindly contact me for the english version."

  • event: khatt kufi & kaffiya

    The Current Market for Arabic Fonts

    Recent Developments and Consumer Needs

    24 Aug 2007


    The Arabic type market has changed dramatically in the last few years, and this has been mainly inspired by recent technology…

  • If you are interested in getting more information on the exhibition The Future of Tradition — Tradition of Future in Munich, you…

  • event: Dubai, The Third Line gallery


    painted material by Pouran Jinchi

    19 Jan 2008
    14 Feb 2008

    The Third Line and Banana Republic present Fabricated: painted works by Pouran Junchi. Jinchi’s new works are a pastiche of…

  • news: Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares - 3 reactions

    Pink Sushi

    New fashion, a colorful mix of Emirati visual icons.

    Attempting to express oneself is of course a universal human endeavor. In rather conservative social environments this natural…

  • Article: Edo Smitshuijzen - 1 reaction

    Sanaa Fashion Fusion

    mixing tradition and globart street trends

    Sanaa's streets are filled with very tasteful examples of a Arabic/western fashion fusion

  • This is Just An Introduction for showing off some results of 5 years of working both on spray painting ,stencil and persian letter…