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  • Person

  • Person

    Art Director | Print & Motion Design I love shaping ideas in both conceptual and aesthetic ways. Being culturally literate…

  • Person

    Ahmad Swar

    Ahmad Swar Graphics Desiner & Callegrapher

    Ahmad Swar Pashelor Degree in Fine Arts Interior Design from Damascus Uneversity Old 1987 and Callegrapher in Damascus Old 1976…

  • Domestic heroin Spider woman installation and performance. Large net with frying pans and plastic encased washing machines and…

  • Person

    Born in Dammam, Ali now works in Creative Services dept. in MBC as broadcast designer, one of the biggest TV in the middle east,…

  • Person
  • Person

    alzahraa sulaiman

    Graphic Designer, Fine Artist & Photographer

    on a mission with no guidelines or time limit but with an aim to make difference.

  • event: Wild Jordan Café, Amman, Jordan

    Arabic Calligraphy Workshop 5.0

    For booking and inquiry please call: Mr. Saleh Nasab , mobile: +962 79 5434 511 / email:

    22 Jan 2011
    26 Feb 2011

    Following the success of the previous workshops, we are aiming to delve further into the possible re-integration of Arabic…

  • dance with alphabets

  • Person

    Ahmad Konash

    a designer from arabia..

    well.. i'm an art director in an advertising agency.. for almost 3 years now.. im kinda starting to "dis-like"…

  • Person

    Ahmed Safwat

    Some of my fonts

    Arabic Typographic & Art director designer Working on both renewing Arabic caligraph from earlier 1970 till now then back to…

  • . . . . - Education American InterContinental University 2005 - 2006 BFA - Visual Communications . Digital…

  • Person

    Ali Raafat

    Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Hello. I'm Altamash Urooj. I'm half Venezuelan, half Pakistani and have a BFA in visual communication with a concentration in…

  • Person

    Libyan - ليبي مصمم فني ومدير إبداع مستقل Freelance Creative Director and Designer…

  • Omar Al-Zo'bi

    Arabic vintage cassettes

    interesting calligraphy on old cassettes!

    Back when people seriously cared about content rather than shape, about the heart rather than the peel, about the insides rather…

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