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  • event: Dubai, Tashkeel

    27 years of migration

    An exhibition of photography and Instalation art from the Iranian artist Gita Meh

    15 Oct 2008
    13 Nov 2008


    Tashkeel is honored to invite you to the opening of Gita Meh's exhibition of photography and installation piece at the Tashkeel…

  • Person

    Abdellatif R. Abdeljawad

    Graphic designer studying and living in Portugal.

  • Person
  • Person

    Adel Ibrahim

    Calligrapher-Webdesigner- Graphic designer

    I am an Iraqi designer and calligraph I was born in Baghdad in 1968. I moved to Germany in 1997. I live and work in Mainz and has…

  • Person

    Art Director from Toronto with experience in the not-for-profit, public and corporate sectors. Interested in the intersection (or…

  • Iranian graphic designer. Born in Iran, 1968. M.A. of Graphic Design (Art University of Tehran)

  • Person

    abdallah nasri

    conception des fontes simplifiées arabe

    je suis un grand-père agée de 55ans et vivant en Algérie, j'ai une expérience et une philosophie dans la conception des fontes…

  • I have been interested in arabic language since a very young age. I have been always feeling that arabic is presented in a very…

  • Person
  • Person
  • 2 Mar 2009


    Speakers Mohammed Jogie - Adobe Design Evangelist Ashraf Kessaissia - Winsoft Business Development Manager Mousharaka: Icograda…

  • Person

    Ahmad Lutfi

    sculptor / Architect

  • Born in Tehran, IRAN 1955 in a traditional family with a cultural but not artistic background. after finishing my highschool,…

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