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  • event: Dubai, Tashkeel

    27 years of migration

    An exhibition of photography and Instalation art from the Iranian artist Gita Meh

    15 Oct 2008
    13 Nov 2008


    Tashkeel is honored to invite you to the opening of Gita Meh's exhibition of photography and installation piece at the Tashkeel…

  • AUS Multimedia Graduate.. Currently working as project coordinator for شواطئ in Abu Dhabi.. interested in visual diaries that…

  • Person

    Art Director | Print & Motion Design I love shaping ideas in both conceptual and aesthetic ways. Being culturally literate…

  • About the Khatt Foundation

    Center for Arabic Typography

    We are a cultural foundation dedicated to advancing Arabic typography and design research in the Middle East, North Africa and their…

  • Person

    Art Director from Toronto with experience in the not-for-profit, public and corporate sectors. Interested in the intersection (or…

  • Person
  • Project: Edo Smitshuijzen, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares

    A turning point for Arabic typography and design

    Report on the Khatt Kufi & Kaffiya symposium and the Typographic Matchmaking project presentations.

    The Typographic Matchmaking project ( Arabic fonts and book ), the Khatt online community (, the Khatt Kufi and…

  • Person

    abdelrahman hussien

    Creative Director

    Branding, Creative Direction, Film

  • dance with alphabets

  • Samah El Hakim

    About Lebanese Knots and Mickey Mouse

    A recent post on

    This article has no connection with any design issue (except "society design" I guess), it is just an example of how a…

  • Person

    Ahmad Hindi

    Graphic Designer / Typographer

    I'm self motivated, passionate, non-stop learning and improving Syrian Designer, my +15 years experience (in leading agencies in…

  • Person

    My name is Ahmed Galal. I am a 23 year old business school graduate who although not having had any official graphics training,…

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