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    Reem Al Ghaith

    (b.1985, Dubai) is a young polymath working in the fields of graphic design, printmaking, photography and mixed media;

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    ahmed saad

    Arabic Graffiti Artist

    Making the Graffiti and other Urban Arts with touch of Oriental flavor..

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    arz azar

    it's all relative

    Form and function are the basis or every piece of communication. This is why I joined advertising after I graduated as a graphic…

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    Artist Calligrapher. Born in 1976 in Casablanca. graduated by the Scool of Fine Art of Lyon. Lives and works in Lyon (France)

  • I'm a Lebanese Artist, Expert Arabic Calligrapher, Creative Designer. With excellent experience and great passion for visual Arts,…

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    Noora Al Ghussain

    Not only a reflection, its more of an obsession

    Born in Palestine, but lived all her life in the U.A.E, Noora came from a family that's not only talented but also appreciates art…

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    Majed Al Ghalayini

    Majed Al Ghalayini , Founder / Creative Director of Tasameem design studio - Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

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    Lina Abdul Hadi

    A Jordan-based graphic designer and type enthusiast,

    She is passionate about the communicative value of graphic design and its ability to convey meaning across diverse cultures,…

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    Siempre me ha gustado dibujar. El arte popular es lo que más me gusta, por eso me considero rebelde ante los que clasifican que…

  • Designer, Visual Artist, Type Junkie and ass kicker.

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    GHADA WALI is an Egyptian Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Cairo. She currently works at MI7, a leading local…