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    Naji El Mir

    Graphic designer - Arabic & Latin typographer- animator.

    Naji El Mir is a French Lebanese graphic and type designer. After he graduated from the Lebanese American university with a BS in…

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    Joumana Al Jabri

    Working as part of a transdisciplinary team inducing innovative solutions to enhance the human experience on earth, or part of it!

    the more languages you perfect, the more cultures you are able to absorb, the more accepting you become. Arabic is a beautiful…

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    Kristyan Sarkis

    Graphic & Type Designer

    Kristyan Sarkis is a type and graphic designer based in Amsterdam. He holds a BA in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University…

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    If you want to describe me, then, a type and graphic designer. As I specialize in multilingual type design, focusing on Latin and…

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    Maya Zankoul

    fresh graduate with a B.A. in Graphic Design from NDU (Notre Dame University), Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon. Emphasis in typography and motion graphics.

    Fresh graduate with a B.A. in Graphic Design from NDU (Notre Dame University), Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon. Emphasis in typography and…

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    Founder and Principal of Tarek Atrissi Design (, The Netherlands.

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    Moutaz Sarkosh

    Brand Designer, Arabic Type Designer

    Graduated in july 2002 with Bachelor Degree of Design & Applied Arts, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Al Yarmouk University in…

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    - Born in 1983, Sari, Iran - Pre-University of arts, Sari, Iran 1999-2000 - B.A in Cinema, Art University of Tehran, Iran…

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    Pascal Zoghbi : 29Letters : WWW.29LT.COM

    Type Designer, Graphic Designer & Design Professor

    29Letters / 29LT Description: 29Letters [29LT] Is a design studio specialized in contemporary Arabic and…

  • Graduated from Notre Dame University, Lebanon, with a BA in Graphic Design and later acquired an MA with distinction at Middlesex…

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    Graphic designer Painter & Filmmaker

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    M.Saber Sheykh Rezaei

    محمد صابر شیخ رضایی * M.Saber Sheykh Rezaei

    *M.Saber Sheykh Rezaei *Graphic Designer & Illustrator *B.A in Graphic Design,Tehran College of Fine Art, Shahed University…

  • Naïma Ben Ayed is a graphic and type designer from France. She graduated from Estienne school in Paris in 2009 where she started to…

  • A graphic designer based in Granada, Spain. Loving arabic typography!

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    Jean François Porchez

    Type designer, France

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    Wael Morcos

    Graphic Designer

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    Khaleelullah Chemnad

    The Only Anatomic Arabic Calligrapher in the world || World Record Holder

    A genius like an imprint of the time A journalist, a poet, a calligraphic artist, a cartoonist, a short-story writer……

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    Diane Mikhael

    Design Educator I Typo/Graphic Designer I Researcher in Design

    Diane Mikhael Minassian is currently Assistant Professor at Graphic Design Department, Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar…

  • Person
  • Person

    Founder & Creative Director at AFŪS

  • Inspired by elaborate culture and artistic detail, bustling environments and rich sensory experiences, Iyad brings his expressive…

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    graphic designer, typographer, photographer,art director, teaching in Dar Alhekmah College, Jeddah. I try to convey my religious,…

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    My background includes serving as a Visual Designer (UX, UI), Artist and Writer. Most recently, I worked on a Public Installation…