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Typographic Matchmaking in the City project

The Khatt Foundation, curated by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares, is launching the Typographic Matchmaking sequel — Typographic Matchmaking in the City V2.0 project — which focuses on typography’s use in placemaking within an urban context.

Short Introduction films of the project so far

Interview about the project online at

On Al-Jazeera English program ArtsWolrd:

Typographic matchmaking promotional films by Jan de Bruin and Ans Kanen: Typographic matchmaking 2.0 meetings in Amsterdam, Dubai and Sharjah (2009).//:

Presentation of the project in Dubai

Sunday 15 - 22 March 2009 | Bastkia Art Fair 2009
Typographic Installation at Khatt Foundation's House 58
Exhibition of sketches and ideas of the Typographic Matchmaking in the City project

Friday, 20 March 2009, 9pm onwards | Bastkia Art Fair 2009
Presentations and party
Event Title: Why we do What we do and How || Typographic Matchmaking 2.0 designers in conversation with local/guest designers and architects.

Saturday, 21 March 2009, 3.30-4.30pm | Art Dubai 2009
The Bidoun Lounge, in the Art Park at Art Dubai (March 18-21, 2009), has a special focus on architecture and design in the UAE on Saturday March 21, 2.30-5pm. 15.30 - 16.15 The Khatt Foundation - Typographic Matchmaking in the City 2.0 Project, with Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès and the TypoMatch 2.0 Designers.

The Typographic Matchmaking in the City V2.0 project will focus on typography’s use in placemaking within an urban context. It will investigate the way that typography can merge with urban design to create public spaces with a unique sense of place (spaces that attract people because they are pleasurable and/or engaging, involve social encounters and immersion in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the  locale). Typography will be inspired, on the visual and conceptual level, from specific sites and locations in the city where bilingual (Latin and Arabic) textual communication can be employed to emphasize the  experience of the city. The design teams consisting of Dutch and Arab designers and architects (5 teams  of each 2 graphic/type designers and one architect) will explore this idea of type in the built environment. Intercultural dialogue is scripted within the working process and the project’s source material: (Dutch and Arab/Middle Eastern visual street culture, Arabic-Latin/dual-script lettering systems, built urban environmental design).

The project aims to create expressive type designs and applications, translating culturally-relevant messages (or gestures) into concrete design products (lettering systems and 3D prototypes). The fonts developed will be made from scratch (both the Latin and Arabic) designed at the same time and inspired by each other's script traditions, and will be applied as poetic narratives in the form of participatory public art into the public spaces of two parallel cities: Dubai and Amsterdam.

The design teams consist of carefully "matched" Dutch and Arab/Iranian designers, who are to combine their expertise and creative minds in creating expressive urban and multicultural typography.


The participating designers

TEAM 1 : Project : StoryLine™, Fluidity & Friction

Max Kisman (Netherlands), Naji El Mir (Lebanon/France), Hisham Youssef (Egypt/UAE)

TEAM 2 : Project : DNA, Typographic Double Helix

Rene Knip (Netherlands), Khajag KJ Apelian (Lebanon/Netherlands), Reza Abedini (Iran/Netherlands),
Jeroen van Erp (Netherlands),

TEAM 3 : Project : Urban Metrics

Erik van Blokland (Netherlands), Pascal Zoghbi (Lebanon),Joumana Al Jabri (Saudi Arabia/Syria/UAE)

TEAM 4 : Project : Local Reference System

Artur Schmal, Wael Morcos (Lebanon), Richard Wagner (Germany/UAE)

TEAM 5 : Project : The Kashida Project

Melle Hammer (Netherlands), Yara Khoury (Lebanon), Stealth: Ana Dzokic (Serbia) & Marc Neelen (Netherlands)

The " Typographic Matchmaking in the City V2.0 " project is generously supported by Fonds BKVB (The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture) and the Mondriaan Foundation.

Comments (11)

Nice project.

Please keep me updated.

Ghalia Elsrakbi
6 Feb 2009, 10:29


Very appropriate project for now.
Having worked on a project on Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai) pushing the commercial use of Fresco Latin and Arabic on a 2D level I would be very interested in seeing the development of this project.
Please keep me updated as I am very interested.

Kirsten Elliott
12 Feb 2009, 17:18

v. interesting

Waiting to see the outcome exhibited.

4 Mar 2009, 6:01

Great idea

So can see the people from other cultures alphabets,
we have in Offenbach (Klingspor Museum) in are public place a large "D" sculptre
why not an arabic letter too in western citys.
Please lets come me infos- up dates too.

19 Mar 2009, 9:43

Problem to watch this video

I'm sorry, I have got a problem in order to see this video.

Please send me a link to watch this interesting fact.

Thanks a lot, Carlos DM

1 Apr 2009, 13:06

link to U-Tube

In case you are experiencing problems watching the video on our site, here's a link to it on U-Tube

22 Apr 2009, 15:22

Creative n refreshin'

I really like da idea... Good job, n Good Luck!

4 Jul 2009, 20:47

Very unique and interesting

Great idea extremely innovative and creative as well.

27 Aug 2009, 19:29

Nice one

Hi all, is there is any events going on in UAE?
please let me know

5 Sep 2009, 12:32

It's Perfect

Be fortune

7 Oct 2009, 7:42

best, thank you

hi, i love it. thanks ساعت کاسیو مدل 554

8 Feb 2015, 23:14

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