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reem falaknaz

type stalker

type stalker
stalked by type

in my spare time i haunt pencils, curses, air quotes, sins, thesauruses, libraries, librarians, chickens, wardrobes and other things.

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  • Comment in: Lazga

    the sticker, she said. i hear you.

    this is definetly going on my wall! A-MAZE-INGGG mashaAllah *

    reem mohammed
    30 Sep 2008, 23:16
  • Comment in: Shakloh magazine

    i'll eat it raw

    shakloh: رائع. خطير. متحرك. ظريف. شائك. متمرد. عبقري. أحببته!!! يم يم يم

    reem mohammed
    6 Oct 2007, 18:57
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