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Ali Vazirian

Graphic designer
Painter & Filmmaker

Born in Tehran 1960, Ali Vazirian is a graduate of painting from the college of fine Arts at Tehran University. He has created a great variety of works including posters, book and magazine design, signs and logotype etc., and his works have been exhibited and introduced in various galleries and exhibitions. He has founded two publications in the field of plastic and visual Arts and has made a career as a successful creative director. His first collection of works in graphic design was published in 1990 and the fifth book of his works was printed in 2008. He is the director and founder of the" International Annual of Typography Poster exhibition as Asma-ul Husna" & First Biennial Poster Typography in Tehran (November 2005).In addition he is active as a film director.

Interview:"Globalisation & visual language"

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AliVazirianAli Vazirian




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