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Majid Alyousef

Calligrapher | Interaction Designer | Digital Artist

  • Freedom -

    The first piece of an experimental series of illustrative calligraphy concepts.

Majid Al Yousef is a multi-talented calligrapher, designer and creative professional. His skills combine calligraphy, typography and digital art.

Since early childhood he has been especially drawn towards the arts and creative expression. His interest began with drawing, painting, model making, followed by calligraphy. At a very young age, Majid began focusing on the art of calligraphy, guided by teachers and experts in the field. In the beginning, he followed the traditional path set by master calligraphers and was very keen on acquiring the necessary skills and techniques taught by the best. But with time, effort and enthusiasm towards innovation, he began carving his own path and setting his own trademark upon his creative work.

Although he carries a deep passion for calligraphy, Majid continued developing his other creative and artistic inclinations during his academic years and early career, leading him to earn his expertise as an interactive designer and digital artist.

With a Masters degree in Computer Art, with a focus on Interactive Design and Game Development, Majid continues to offer, and benefit from, his services to internationally reputable advertising agencies, design houses and corporate clients.

His self-teaching attitude, inquisitive nature, imaginative mind and skills at drawing, abstract art, and anatomy, along with his fine attention to detail, continue to collaborate in ways that make him an unmistakable calligraphy artist and professional in his field.

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