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Brahim Boucheikha

After a childhood spent in Morocco, Brahim Boucheikha ventured to Paris where he completed high school and then attended the ECV (École de Communication Visuelle - School of Visual Communication). He dedicated himself to his studies and built lasting relationships with several teachers.

While at school, he got to know some Arabic calligraphers who were in residence in Paris, including Abdallah Akar, a visual artist and French-Tunisian calligrapher.

Following his graduation from ECV, he worked in two branding agencies to further his training: Landor in Dubai and Dragon Rouge in Paris.

In the interests of responsible social commitment, Brahim Boucheikha spent many years at the ESAV (École Supérieure des Arts Visuels - School of Visual Arts) in Marrakech as head of the Arabic typography lab. In this capacity, he helped to develop a Master’s program at ESAV in which Arabic typography takes its rightful place.

He quickly proceeded to co-found Babelfont, a multi-script typographic design studio bringing together a team of employees in France and Morocco.

Contact information
BoucheikhaBrahimBrahim Boucheikha


Paris – Casablanca

Born:agadir, Morocco

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