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Attilio Taverna

Ghazali 's last image of light on deity' path is " crystal vision". Modern physics light-formal nature is "crystal & quasi crystal vision" ! An Italian artistic & scientific discovery )

My aesthetic-experience is an artistic interrogation on "formal nature of light" as it has been knowleged by modern physics. As to say : " wave-particle-math-model ". Is it too much difficult to comprehend ? Not at all !
We have only to understand that light doesnt " go" by rays - as we have believed at least for 1 million years before. Light instead " goes" by sworms of particles and vibrational fields...of spacetime.... just a little bit ( I hope at least ) as you could see by my paintings....are you surprised ? What I am saying is the meaning of an unequivocable scientific experiment result by " quantum physics "theory realized during the year 1961 in Germany

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