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Edo Smitshuijzen

Graphic and product designer and design writer.

Studied graphic design at the IVKNO, now called the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Started as a freelance designer working for a large Dutch publishing house.

Joined later (1977) a small design partnership that grew out to be at some stage one of the largest design studios in the Netherlands after merging (1987) with an established group of interior architects and industrial designers. Became director of professional development of the new partnership, BRS Premsela Vonk.

Worked as design principal in many major and comprehensive corporate design and/or signage commissions for Dutch governmental bodies and multinational companies,like the Ministries of Justice, Economic Affairs, Transport and Water Management, Home Office, High Courts, Court of Audit, Council of State, Tax and Customs, Central Bank, Royal National Library, National Archive, Open University and the city of The Hague. The partnership, nicknamed in the Netherlands ‘the Ministry of Design’, made a major contribution to shape the Dutch governmental perspective on (graphic) design - which is still surprisingly unparalelled in other countries.

Invented and developed a modular sign panel system (mss 0.5) produced under license in various countries around the world.

Left the design partnership in 1994. Is currently independend designer and design writer. He is the author of the Signage Design Manual (Lars Müller 2007), and the upcoming 1st comprehensive Arabic Type Specimen Book (De Binnenkant 2009).

  • Comment in: Calli-Pat

    Informal beauty

    I very much like the informality of this design, the almost casual quality. It is based on a formal grid, but it is playful at the ame ti...

    Edo Smitshuijzen
    3 Oct 2008, 18:57
  • Comment in: Ruh : Life With Letters

    Visually stunning

    I agree, this is the most visually stunning one of the whole series. Mabrook !

    Edo Smitshuijzen
    3 Oct 2008, 18:54
  • Comment in: The Bottles of Ali

    Sensually attractive

    Bahia is the best of all of us in creating a very warm, friendly Oriental atmosphere, with a nice tough of mystique. Traditional and mode...

    Edo Smitshuijzen
    3 Oct 2008, 18:45
  • Comment in: Khamsa wo Khmeesa

    Warm and very attractive

    Bahia is the best of all of us in creating a very warm, friendly Oriental atmosphere, with a nice tough of mystique. Traditional and mode...

    Edo Smitshuijzen
    3 Oct 2008, 18:43
  • Comment in: A typographic matchmaking project for the 16th century: the Civilité of Granjon and the Naskh of Winsoft.


    Dear Vladimir,

    Thank you for your poetic reaction. You are certainly a romantic person.

    To get things straight: the Khat...

    Edo Smitshuijzen
    13 May 2008, 11:37
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EdoSmitshuijzenEdo Smitshuijzen


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