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pouria oriany

-Iranian Graphic Designer
-Born in Shiraz in 1981
-Member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS).
-Master Diploma in "Graphic"(2002).
-Originator of Shiraz Caricature Community.
-2nd ranking winner of "The woman" Caricature Festival (1999).
-Individual caricature exhibition of "The Line & Impression" (2000).
-Group exhibition of "The Norai Illustration"
-Winner of Crystal Cedar Prizes for the best Billboard designing in "The 5th Fars Cultural Ceremony" (2004).
-Winner of Crystal Cedar prizes for best Billboard designing in "The 6th Fars Cultural Ceremony" (2005)
-Typographical exhibition of "The Deeper Depression", Tehran Art Gallery,(2006)
-Poster exhibition of "The View Angle", Laleh Art Gallery(2006).
-Poster exhibition of "The 5th Generation of Iranian Illustrators Selected Artworks", Saba Art Gallery(2006).
-International Poster exhibition of "The Monotheistic Religions", Imam Ali Religions Art Museum(2006).
-Poster exhibition of "The Young Art", Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, (2006).
-Poster & Illustration exhibition of "The Gabriel Garcia Marquez", Iran Art Organization(2007) .
-Tablet of Commendation of Arts Academy in "The 9th Contemporary Graphical Designing Biennial" in the field of Billboard (2007).
-Poster exhibition commemorating Professor Sadegh Berirani(2007)
-Gutenberg poster exhibition(2007)
-Group poster exhibition of "Monotheistic Religions" in Turlaj Gallery, Poland 2007.
-Publishing works in Segal International Graphic Design magazine in two volumes (No. 10 & 12 )(2007)
- Publishing works in Tandis Graphic Design magazine in one volume (2007)
- Writing articles Graphic & representation of art in Bazar(Rasm publishing-2007)
- The winner of “crystal cedar” for the best packaging design in 7th Fars Culture celebration(2007)
- Four th Iranian Typography exhibition as Shahnameh (5 th colur)(2009)
- Annual exhibition of works of Iran graphic designers’ guild members Commemorating Professor Morteza momaez(2009)
- Display 2 posters as the World's Graphic Day in Site Gallery, Icograda(International Council of Graphic Design Associations)(2010)
-Selected finalist posters of the 1. International Exhibition Poster for a Healthier World(Mexic 2010).
-YAKU, 4Th International Poster Exhibition(Lima-Peru 2010).
-The Exhibition of Iranian Graphic Designer Poster in Lima-Peru.2010 "Iranian Look".
- Preparing special Graphical Football World Cup 2010 South Africa(Rasm publishing-2010)
- Annual exhibition of works of Iran graphic designers’ guild members Silver Cedar(2010)
- Writing articles about “flag role” & “research in flag history”(Rasm publishing-2010)
- Writing articles about “ meet (visiting) East & West” & analytical overview of Yangliu”(Rasm publishing-2010)
پوريا عرياني
طراح گرافيك
عضو انجمن صنفی طراحان گرافیک ایران

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pouriaorianypouria oriany