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Mamoun Ahmed

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MamounAhmedMamoun Ahmed


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  • image: Yara Khoury, Mamoun Ahmed

    Al-Yawm font characteristics and samples of it printed in the Al-Ayam newspaper. Designed by Yara Khoury and Mamoun Ahmad.…

  • image: Yara Khoury, Mamoun Ahmed, Ahmad Osman

    Samples of the Al-Shams font in use in the newspaper Al-Shams. (Al-Mohtaraf, 19xx)

  • image: Yara Khoury, Mamoun Ahmed, Kameel Hawa

    Type specimen sheet and text typesetting sample of the award-winning Midan font. (Designed by: Kameel Hawa, in collaboration with…

  • Mamoun Ahmed