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lejla niksic

ability to objectively self-criticize keeps me pulsating

§§§ Living in an unfamiliar society has helped me to better understand how other people perceive the world. By perceiving, we are interpreting and organizing sensory information. My designs are revolving around idea that the best way to convey sensory information is to integrate precise mathematically established patterns with cognitive narration derived by analyzing individual behavior. §§§

Born and raised in Bosnia, completing design education in Qatar, I have always believed that the most effective design and communication are derived from culturally relevant issues. Living in Doha for the past six years has made me realize that the fundamental change is the norm, not the exception. I understand that, influencing without a direct authority, in a multicultural environment like Doha, is critical. My objective, as a designer and design thinker is to produce outstanding results reliably by building a legacy of leadership.