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I have been interested in arabic language since a very young age.

I have been always feeling that arabic is presented in a very old-fashioned and poor packaging.

My technical background allowed me to conduct a scientific study of arabic language with the help of modern machines and computers.
the real breakthrough happened at Basingstoke, England in 1992, when I designed a monumental script (Standerdized Alphabet) for writing arabic with separate letters.The discovery was so important, it has led to many other products, namely, a book called "Arabic is the natural language of computers", a word game called "El-mishkak", an "Alphabet puzzle" aimed for children, a multicultural word-game called "Words-war", and so on...

Recently, I started developing fonts based on standerdised alphabet.

I am now having time to show these products to interested parties, and would love to start new projects in collaboration with Khatt Foundation.

  • Dresden 2011 -

    This is a beautiful and very inspiring city. The year I spent in this city will be forever engraved in my memory.
    I had started many ambitious projects many years ago while I was a student in England, but in Germany I was able to put the icing on the cake for the most important ones, namely, STANDERDIZED ARABIC.

  • Comment in: Redesign Arabia

    Great initiative!

    I really believe that the real revolution has to take place in arab minds not in arab streets.

    I think that the history of printi...

    24 Sep 2011, 17:13
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