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Kolah Studio

Independant underground visual Art media and Studio working on Urban and social Graphics around streetart ,graffiti style ,stickers,typo ,calligraffiti,stencils and illustrations + Documenting the urban art scene In iran and The middleEast from the Begin

  • Comment in: Arabic Graffiti Book launches

    You should be ashamed of the way you are going

    Hey Pascal you are Really a Person who made me think of how a human can be like a wolf for fame. shame on you .you try to ruin and hide t...

    5 Nov 2012, 8:54
  • Comment in: Kaf-Boom: Arabic Graffiti in Lebanon and the Arab World
    17 Dec 2009, 7:38
  • Comment in: Kaf-Boom: Arabic Graffiti in Lebanon and the Arab World

    Re: congrats!

    Kolah Studio, 17 Dec 09, 07:38
    Congrats! to labanon friends

    Also good to know and respect and try...

    17 Dec 2009, 7:43
  • Comment in: Persepolis, story of an Iranian childhood

    A real story

    Th estory of This animation is Really true and i was really in wonder how this Artist told all that was in our heart for years. i think s...

    Kolah Studio
    20 Feb 2008, 21:08
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KolahStudioKolah Studio


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