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Mostafa El Abasiry

Graphic & Type Designer

  • Mostafa El Abasiry -

    Graphic Designer and educator who is fascinated by the blend of Arabic typography and geometry.

  • Kufigraph -

    When the Square Kufic writings were originated in the middle east more than six centuries ago, It was a major addition to the entire Arabic scripting. It was fresh, unique and proportionate. Some believe that it was derived from the architectural adaptations in the area where artists and architects had a long tradition of applying patterns to buildings or even to coins in various square grids. Today I am glad to contribute that marvelous script with my new addition "Kufigraph". Kufigraph is an Arabic font based on a very simplified geometric script. The base line in Kufigraph falls in the absolute center between equal ascenders and descenders in almost all the letters and that supports the balance. The anatomy of some letters was completely re-designed in order to meet the new structure and that created a unique visual identity to the script. I consider Kufigraph more than just an enjoyable project for me to work in, but it is my personal contribution to the Arabic scripting.

  • Arabigram Typeface -

    After being Inspired by old Chinese Tangram I have decided to design an Arabic font which could be based on the same concept where shapes are developed through connections of squares and triangles creating endless possibilities of compositions. Arabigram was the result of that interesting experiment. It is a decorative font that is built on a similar dissection concept as Tangram with a strong emphasis on the visual identity of Arabic characters. Arabigram is suitable for branding as well as multimedia and advertising.

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