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Hany Saber

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Cairo-2000-Graphics section.
Now: Head of graphic designing unit, The library of Alexandria.
Founded "Zakharif wall art "
for wall decoration using graphics mixing with several materials.
lives and works in Alexandria.
Preparing his master in the "Interior Graphics".

  • Comment in: Letters to Wear : Arabic Typography Competition


    custom-made design is the world's new trend

    20 Nov 2014, 10:40
  • Comment in: Modern tableau

    Facebook group:zakharif wall art

    3 May 2012, 14:54
  • Comment in: Modern tableau
    26 May 2011, 15:48
  • Comment in: Cairo_Khtt_Lunch_sm.jpg

    wellcome Cairo

    So happy to see u n Cairo. You are so wellcome.

    10 Jan 2010, 10:54
  • Comment in: Ruh : Life With Letters

    u allways great

    Mabrook ya Farah, very good art

    Hany Saber
    8 Oct 2008, 15:07
  • Comment in: Project Mulsaq, competition

    Thanks for Huda

    I really thanks Huda for her helpful contact. wishing her all success.
    Many many thanks Huda

    Hany Saber
    2 Aug 2008, 22:48
  • Comment in: Project Mulsaq, competition


    Very interesting,....Hope to be one of the winner.

    Hany Saber
    10 Jul 2008, 14:46
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