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Annelys de Vet

critical graphic design

Annelys de Vet is a cricital graphic designer, working in Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2007 she made the 'Subjective Atlas of Palestine'.

As a graphic designer – educated at the Utrecht School for the Arts and the Sandberg Institute
Amsterdam – Annelys de Vet (1974) explores the role of design in relation to the public and political discourse. Among others as a teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Next to her work for clients like Droog Design, KPN, TPG Post, Rijksgebouwendienst, de Appel Art Centre, De Balie, SKOR, Thames&Hudson and Stedelijk Museum she has published several books concerning the cultural representation of
national identity.

‘The subjective atlas of the EU, from an Estonion point of view’ shows new images for Europe designed by students from the artschool in Tallinn. The ‘Subjective atlas of the Netherlands’ (BIS publishers, 2005) aims to influence the way of perceiving national identity and was made with students of the Design Academy Eindhoven. They created objective maps and images from subjective points of view. ‘The public role of the graphic designer’ (2006) investigates in the responsibility of graphic designers in the realm of cultural representation. And her last book 'Subjective atlas of Palestine' shows the disarming revearse side of live in Palestine.

In addition De Vet is the director of the ‘(Con)Temporary Museum Amsterdam’, the yearly parallel program of the international artfair Art Amsterdam, which combines the Amsterdam institutions for contemporary art.

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