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Ercan Mensiz

I'm an Ophthalmology specialist but have been working on calligraphy reproductions since childhood and computer calligraphy vectorization since early 1990's. My main interest areas are Ottoman Sultan Tugras and calligraphy (khatt) works in tugra design. My website "" is unique on Internet in area of Ottoman Sultan Tugras. All graphic content is vector based works that exported as picture formats. Original calligraphic work of restored oldest tugra is approximately 700 years old and newest is approx. 100 years old. To view 600 years of Ottoman Calligraphy evolution in a way like a film fragment, it is a good way to browse 35 consequtive different sultan tugras one by one. Enjoy your stay if you make a visit. All comments are appreciated.
Ercan Mensiz MD

Contact information
ErcanMensizErcan Mensiz


Born: 1962