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Mukhtar Sanders

Owner of Inspiral Design, a highly creative graphic and web design company currently based in London, UK. Established in April 2000, ID specialises in the design and production of marketing and communications material for clients around the globe. In addition, we offer handcrafted solutions inspired by the artistic traditions of the Muslim world.

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MukhtarSandersMukhtar Sanders


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    NUQTA: Arabic Typography gets its App

    Launching at Dubai Art Week

    21 Mar 2013


    NUQTA, A unique mobile and web app for Arabic calligraphy, typography, art and design, will start its launch ‘tour’ in Dubai…

  • image: Mukhtar Sanders, Soraya Syed

    Previously launched at The Archive, Safa Park in Dubai on the 21st of March 2013,

  • image: Soraya Syed, Mukhtar Sanders
  • image: Soraya Syed, Mukhtar Sanders