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Jan de Bruin


Born 1977, makes personal documentary videos.

After his graduation from art school he committed himself to the “In America” project. Via this documentary project he tried to find a truth behind the (cinematographic) clichés of the USA. The short video Calling 911 is one of the results of this project. Shot in Los Angeles in November 2003 it tells the story of a rescue operation of eventual mythical proportions. Having been shown all over the world it is one of the first examples of de Bruin’s idea that “reality” is a constant continuation of a narrative story.

Mostly travelling around Europe these days Jan de Bruin captures the unseen theatre of reality. Resulting in his latest works, Brussels 04-08-07 00:13am, Fassbinder lebt and Silent Retreat. In these sort videos he creates a psychological mirror on everyday life. Usually recording people in urban situations, engaged in interaction with each other. Hereby exploring the boundaries between film and art, as well as reality and fiction but since these are clichés; making foremost an effort to show us ourselves. Hereby making the moment of creation and inspiration one and the same.

Sample work:

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    Yeah! Glad to be on the team again.

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Jande BruinJan de Bruin

Jande Bruin

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