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Recommended reading

inspiring and informative selection of books, publications and links

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This reading list is compiled by recommendation from the khatt network community and is meant to educate and provide valuable sources for those interested in design and visual communication in the Middle East. Join us as a member and contribute your list of favorite and relevant books, magazines and other resources.

When you log in, just click on new contributions and select 'book'. The rest is easy to figure out. your post will then automatically be added to this list of readings. The longer this list gets the better : WE NEED YOUR HELP making it interesting and richer every day !

  • Book: Farideh Shirjian

    Book:The Story of Three Threads

    play and storytelling in the Carpet Museum of Iran

    The book was published by Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism in June 2016…

  • Publication

    Oasis Magazine

    The first English Arts and Culture Magazine from Saudi Arabia

    Oasis Magazine aims to be a voice and representative of both Saudi and Arab culture. This Issue 9 of Oasis Magazine is of…

  • Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper - 1 reaction

    Tarikh-al-tiba`a fi al-sharq al-arabi

    History of printing in the Arab east

    خليل صابات. تاريخ الطباعة في الشرق العربي. طبعة ثانية، القاهرة: دار…

  • Book

  • Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper

    Typographia Arabica

    the development of Arabic printing as illustrated by Arabic type specimens.

    KREK, Miroslav. Waltham (USA): Brandeis University Library, 1971. iii, 43 pp.

  • Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper

    الببليوجرافيا التحليلية

    دراسة في أوائل المطبوتعات العربية

    جيهان محمود السيد الإسكندرية: دار الثقافة العلمية، ٠٠٠ ٢ Translated Title :…

  • Book: sultan maqtari - 5 reactions

    تعلم الكتابة اليدوية بخط الرقعة

    يصدر المصمم والخطاط سلطان المقطري قريبا كتاباً جديداً يتضمن طريقة مختلفة عن الطرق السابقة في تعلم الكتابة اليدوية بحروف خط الرقعة.

    أن هذا الكتاب مخصص لفئات عمرية متنوعة ومكرس للكتابة على الورق مباشرة…

  • Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper

    Washington: Committee on Arabic and Islamic Studies of the American Council of Learned Societies, 1944. [viii], 370pp.

  • Book: Edo Smitshuijzen

    Sculpting Type

    An Introduction to CNC Typography

    An essential and inspiring book on 3D Typography that explains the basic and varied manufacturing technologies, among which 3D printing.

  • Book: Yasmine Nachabe Taan

    Hilmi Al-Tuni, Evoking Popular Arab Culture

    Illustration | Lettering | Book Design

    The first in the series Arabic Design Library by Khatt Books. It is a concise and highly illustrated bilingual account (in both…

  • Book

    Aswat al Abjaddyah

    The Sounds of the Alphabet

    Aswat Al Abjaddyah started with a font, Tabati , created by Lara Assouad Khoury, a typographic expression of a story (also titled…

  • Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper


    Their place in history and in print

    By Mark Arman. Published by: The Workshop Press, Thaxted 1988. xii, 51 pp. ISBN: 0 9509292 4 7

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