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Recommended reading

inspiring and informative selection of books, publications and links

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This reading list is compiled by recommendation from the khatt network community and is meant to educate and provide valuable sources for those interested in design and visual communication in the Middle East. Join us as a member and contribute your list of favorite and relevant books, magazines and other resources.

When you log in, just click on new contributions and select 'book'. The rest is easy to figure out. your post will then automatically be added to this list of readings. The longer this list gets the better : WE NEED YOUR HELP making it interesting and richer every day !

  • Book: Samira

    This book was a collection of posters that designed for theater. The whole concept of design that I chose was shadow theater.

  • Book: Pascal Zoghbi / 29 Letters / 29LT, Don Karl

    In the light of the Arab revolutions that currently bring sweeping changes to the Middle East, this book keeps an eye on the…

  • Book: eps51 - 5 reactions


    Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia

    Authors: Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma, Nicolas Bourquin Release: April 2008 Available Soon! Price: € 44,00 / $ 65,00 / £ 33,00…

  • Book: Susan Hefuna

    Interview with Susan Hefuna

    by Hans Ulrich Obrist

    golden booklet: exhibition at Townhouse Gallery Cairo ISBN 978-3-939- 583-71-4 blue booklet: exhibition at ACAF, Alexandria…

  • Book: Fadi Shayya - 6 reactions

    At the Edge of the City

    Reinhabiting Public Space toward the Recovery of Beirut’s Horsh Al-Sanawbar

    Edited by Fadi Shayya Foreword by George Arbid Design by Danny Khoury ISBN 978-9953-0-1537-8 192 pages, with color photographs…

  • Publication, Book: Annelys de Vet

    010 publishers, 2007 | Edited and designed by Annelys de Vet Sublime landscapes, tranquil urban scenes, frolicking children; who…

  • Book: Farzan Kermaninejad - 3 reactions

    Packaging Design

    in Introduction

    This book covered all aspects and dimensions of Packaging Design in Persian language. This observations comprise of history, styles,…

  • Book: lena merhej

    a3takid annana sanakoun hadi2in fil harb el moukbila

    I think we will be much calmer in the next war

    a series of notes and comments that i wrote after the 2006 Israeli war in Lebanon

  • Book- 1 reaction


    Photographs From The Arab World

    Edited by Wim Melis. Essays by Michket Krifa, Negar Azimi, Issam Nassar, Isolde Brielmaier, Issa Touma, Peter Lewis and Sherifa Zuhur.

  • This book explores the design and manufacturing of Syrian Lingerie like you have not seen it before. Co Edited with Malu Halasa,…

  • Publication: Hatem Imam, fdz bx

    Samandal Comics

    Quarterly tri-lingual comics magazine from the Middle East

    The comic book, in its present day form, is regarded as an imported medium to the Arab world. Samandal (Salamander in Arabic), a…

  • Book: Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares, Dr Geoffrey Roper

    Middle Eastern languages and the print revolution: a cross-cultural encounter.

    A catalogue and companion to the Exhibition = Sprachen des Nahen Ostens und die Druckrevolution: eine interkulturelle Begegnung. Katalog und Begleitband zur Ausstellung.

    Edited by = Herausgegeben von Eva Hanebutt-Benz · Dagmar Glaß · Geoffrey Roper, in collaboration with = unter Mitarbeit von Theo…

  • animation film: Edo Smitshuijzen - 7 reactions

    Persepolis, story of an Iranian childhood

    An animated biography of an Iranian woman

    Sometimes the story about important developments in the Arab world are best told by reports about personal experiences. And…

  • Book: onish aminelahi - 1 reactionپینوکیوی-اونیش-امین-الهی-در-تقویم-صلح

  • Book: Edo Smitshuijzen - 30 reactions

    The Arabic Font Specimen book is finally published and available! Good news for all of you who have been patiently waiting.…

  • Book: Wissem El-Abed

    « Tunisie, terre de rencontres », Editions PIPPA, Collection Itinérances, 14,90 € -, +31 1 46 33 95 81

  • Book: François W. Beydoun

    ESPRIT PORCELAINE is the collective name of a group of ceramic artists with individual talents combine to provide products with a…

  • Book: Nadine Touma - 1 reaction

    Flip Beirut Flip

    An anthology of the city of Beirut by 12 artists

    12 flip books about Beirut, using photography, charcoal drawing, collage, digital 3d media...

  • Book: Kambiz Shafei


    Exhibition of 50 Years of Iranian Typography at the Basel School of Design FHNW/HGK, 2007

    isbn 9789646994584   NAZAR PUBLISHERS Available at for  €31,20  A treasure trove of 50 years of…

  • Publication: Ganzeer - 2 reactions

    Shakloh magazine

    Online Visual PDF Magazine For Arab Artists

    SHAKLOH is a free monthly PDF entirely visual magazine acting as a space of expression and promotion for Arab artists, designers,…

  • Book: Zeina Maasri

    Off The Wall

    Political Posters of the Lebanese Civil War

    by Zeina Maasri with a foreword by Fawwaz Traboulsi Published by I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, London ISBN: 978 1 84511 951 5

  • Book: Sep Riyahi, Natalie Maydell, Heba Amin

    Extraordinary Women

    from the Muslim World

    Extraordinary Women from the Muslim World tells the stories of the thirteen women who overcame adversity to make their unique…

  • Book: Edo Smitshuijzen

    The signage canon finally has its own dedicated textbook Smitshuijzen, Edo. Lars Müller Publishers. Switzerland. 2007. Euros…

  • Book: Rotterdam, Netherlands Architecture Institute


    Analysis of developments along the Gulf: A Guide, a Survey, an Agenda.

    10 Sep 2007


    AMO / Archis / Moutamarat release the book Al Manakh , the first ever comprehensive analysis of the development of The Gulf, to be…

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