Inner Outside

17 Nov 2009
27 Nov 2009


A venture of the MA Visual Arts - Graphic design students; Inner/Outside explores the boundaries, the differences, and the ambiguities between inner reality and the outside world. The Inner/Outside reflexion is inherent to our time, for we live in a paradoxal age, where the inner and the outside worlds are colliding and drifting apart simultaneously. Moreover, the achievements of the digital era, combined with the social and psychological landscapes of our society, make the interplay between these two realms ever more dynamic, chaotic and intriguing.

If the contemporary individual can carry his own world everywhere, shielding himself with countless gadgets and interactions, the outside world keeps trying to crawl more and more inside his personal reality. At the same time, although Inner and the Outside can be perceived as antagonic entities, they are combined and weaved together to form the mythologies of every individual's imagination. Furthermore, in the case of artists and visual practitioners, the constant clashing and splitting of these parallel planes is key in the process of producing relevant work.

Divided into three sections, "Human Experience In The Digital Age", "Personal Identity In The City" and "Constructing Imagination", The Inner/Outside exhibition proposes to be a questioning journey, and to mirror back to the viewer some of the idiosyncrasies and paradoxes of living in societies where boundaries between ideas and actions, daydream and reality, individual and collective are becoming more loose and rigid at the same time.

13035_173731542919_613317919_2716156_1462133_n.jpg - Nina Kreidié