Advanced Arabic Type Design 2015

A Khatt Foundation workshop

12 Nov 2015
18 Nov 2015

A 7-day intensive Arabic Type Design workshop with Huda Smitshuijzen Abifares, Georg Seifert, Lara Assouad, and Khajag Apelian.

Registration is open at: http://www.tashkeel.org

Curator and workshop coordinator: Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares, Khatt Foundation

Khtt_Workshop2014_01 - KhaJag Apelian


This workshop concentrates on advanced instruction for designers and is designed for those who have already taken previous Khatt Foundation Type Design workshops at Tashkeel, or designers that have experience in type design and would like to continue on developing their skills and learning new type design authoring tools.

The workshop will teach the participants some advanced tools on further expanding the character set and fine tuning the font file into a more comprehensive and professional font.

Instruction will include for the advanced level the following: 
—Localized alternates (farsi, urdu)
—Proportional/stylistic variations (ie. condensed, italics…etc).
—Contextual alternates/special ligatures
—Multiple Master + Alternative Interpolations
—Class kerning
—And more…

Requirements and extra information

1. Participants should bring their own laptop to the workshop (minimum system Mac OS X 10.9).
2. The participant should be prepared to work intensively, investing their own time outside of workshop timings.
3. Due to the compressed time and the nature of the workshops there will be homework required.
The number of participants is limited, please sign up as soon as possible if you are interested.

Timings: 10 – 6 pm (with a 1-hour lunch break)

Workshop fee (including lunches): AED 6500

For registration, fees and related information Call: +9714 336 3313, or email: tashkeel@tashkeel.org//