Khatt Urban Poetry Workshop

3D Typography Workshop at ADA2010

4 Nov 2010

Workshop leaders: Joumana Al Jabri & Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares

The workshop explores the creation of urban 3D multilingual typography. The workshop will look at the role of typography in the urban landscape, presenting experimental design developments in the field of contemporary Arabic typography.

Participation fee is required.

TypeWorkshop2 - Joumana Al Jabri

Today’s urban developments raise many concerns regarding identity and cultural sustainability. Art’s ability to engage and strengthen a sense of coherence within a community is explored. The workshop, led by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares & Joumana Al Jabri, will engage the participants in creating site-specific typographic work that links narratives from and about the city to the broader dialogue on participatory art in public space, specially within the pluralistic urban context of the UAE. The work will focus on using public space as a platform for engaging architectural spaces (and the public) in thought-provoking ways, by producing temporary spatial urban poetry. The process of making the site-specific installations is as an integral part of the workshop.