Blog Update, 6 May 2010

The usual update on the ArabicType blog, by none other than me

Two posts on my blog have been added: one about copying Arabic fonts using the case of Muhammed Hacen's creations, and the other is about freehand drawing in font design. A sumptuous video clip is linked in the blog

I am not completely sure about this, but I am going to keep using this section of to update all on my recent posts on my blog. That is unless someone provides me with a good argument why not to.

I posted a blog on 26 April about Muhammed Hacen. The point I tried to make is about the practice of copying Arabic fonts. Mohammed Hacen offered his fonts under a use-and-pay agreement. He has produced many fonts of beautiful design. From the old postings on his web site, it seems that he is not happy about the way his fonts were used. A number of commercial applications of his fonts did not result in any royalty paid to him for the usage.

The blog I posted today is about freehand drawing and font design. I completed the draft of the blog a few days back but could not publish at that time because of the difficulty in filming the video clip. The hardware, software, and skills that I have in video recording are not up to what I want to produce. In particular, voice recording was problematic as I could not get the clarity I needed. Nevertheless, I decided to post the blog with the video clip missing the sound track.

One goodie on this post is an advance version of the handwriting manual I am developing. It relates to the post, at least in the tools and materials used such as pens, pencils, and paper. Once finished, I will offer the MSWord document for download as an open source document which could be used by those who wish to develop a more specialized approach to imporve Arabic handwriting.

I enjoy doing this stuff and I am very excited. If you are interested, you could access all this stuff at: