Book Panel Discussion: "At the Edge of the City"

Reinhabiting Public Space toward the Recovery of Beirut’s Horsh Al-Sanawbar

31 May 2010

_with panelists_

  • Jala Makhzoumi, Professor, Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management, AUB
  • Samir Kalaf, Professor, Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences, AUB
  • George Arbid, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture & Design, AUB

_and book editor_

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Beirut Park [Horsh Al-Sanawbar] - A view inside the open section of Beirut's Park, Horsh Al-Sanawbar. You can download for free many of these images at attheedgeofthecity.wordpress.com/. Fadi Shayya

_Book Synopsis_

Since the early 1990s, Beirut’s Park, Horsh Al-Sanawbar, was sealed off from the lives of many Beiruti residents and visitors, with numerous justifications for their exclusion. At the Edge of the City is a multidisciplinary research, documentary, and advocacy project about Beirut’s park and public space culture and discourse. The undertaking is a contemporary critique of urban governance and spatial production in Beirut, which aspires to chart alternative public space policies and strategies. The book is an edited volume and a visual reference that includes essays, policy memos, personal experiences, art contributions, infographics, photographs, and newspaper articles. It is published by DISCURSIVE FORMATIONS and supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation–Middle East Office.