W Meyer

Unique Qualities of Gulf Arabic

I'm an environmental graphic designer from the USA. Our firm has a new project in Qatar and we're working on the typography and I'm hoping the collective wisdom of the forum could help me out.

Basically the question is what aspects and styles of Arabic script/type relate most specifically to the Gulf area and Qatar?

What's intriguing about this project is the client's desire for something that is based in the tradition and heritage of the area. Although we've done substantial work in the UAE, most of these project follow the "international" style which usually involves modern Arabic type which is made to look more like Latin san-serif faces. Nothing against that, but this is the opposite in that we have the directive to let the Arabic type lead. I'm sure this is an easy question for some of you, but in the research we've done so far we've yet to locate any definitive source for what makes the calligraphic tradition of the area unique. Many of the sources talk about the difference between traditionally "Persian" styles and those of North Africa, etc, but make little mention of the Gulf area specifically.

Pre-apologies if that seams a little ignorant. Any recommendations of good sources would be much appreciated.

Thank You.