Close Encounters

Video, installation and performance, curated by Charlotte Bank

17 Oct 2010
31 Oct 2010

This exhibition explore different aspects of contemporary city life, how humans relate to surrounding spaces, how chance encounters, fantasies and memories function as guides during the navigation through urban landscapes.

The selected works reflect different approaches to urbanity, sometimes highlighting the city as an unknown land to explore and conquer, guided by fantasies, stressing the relation between cities and dreams, as in the reading of Italo Calvino, for whom these two phenomena both are constructed through desires and fears, or exploring the relation between cityscapes and our own mental landscapes of memories, phantasms and recollections.

Movimento by Salah Saouli - Charlotte Bank

Participating artists: Marwa Arsanios, Ghassan Halwani, Salah Saouli, Siska, Bass Breche, Mohanad Yacoubi, Gheith Al-Amine, Christophe Katrib, Raed Yassin