Milia Maroun

Fashion Designer

Milia Maroun is the designer behind Lebanon-based fashion label Milia M.

Born and brought up in Beirut, Maroun studied fashion design at Esmod in Paris before becoming a lingerie designer and then subsequently launching her own label in 2000. In doing so she has become a pioneering female fashion designer from the Arab world, choosing to start directly in the domain of ready-to-wear over couture, placing accessibility, comfort and femininity at the center of her designs. A woman designing for fellow women, Milia Maroun seeks through her expert cuts, her use of folds and wrapping to draw attention to the body.

Having lived in Beirut, Paris, Damascus, Istanbul and London, Maroun’s travels provide a constant source of inspiration.With a Milia M flagship store already in Beirut’s Saifi Village (opened in 2004), Maroun’s other career highlights to date include showcasing her collections at the launch of Abu Dhabi Fashion Week in 2007 and at Milan Fashion Week in 2008. Her designs have also been shown at the International Design Biennale at Saint Etienne and the Boghossian Foundation Exhibition at the Villa Empain in Brussels. Maroun has a worldwide client base and her designs have been featured in a variety of international publications.

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